Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump Blog

Today’s site is the result of a great amount of effort by my friends,
Kathleen Maser; Terri Notdorft , Julia Walsh, Sandra Gluth and their
students from Rutherford School here in Edmonton AND my own 10-level
students!? Here’s how it worked:? The grade four group from Rutherford
has been studying our Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump in Southern Alberta
and as a part of their work.? They used MS Paint to illustrate an aspect
of Native life around the Jump.? They then sent the drawings to my
hypermedia students who used Flash to animate them.? But the cool thing
is the blog they used to communicate with each other.? My students were
required to animate according to the instructions provided on the blog
by the younger group.? We invite you to view the artwork, conversations
and animations on the blog.

The URL:? http://buffalojump.resco.ca/

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