Here’s a shameless move on my part today! With Apple dumping the iDisk program in June, I’ve been trying a couple of different cloud storage options and have settled on DropBox. I like the fact that they don’t charge for a basic account and their initial capacities are adequate enough to be useful. The terms of use are clear that the users own the content. So, here’s the deal – this is the shameless part – once you sign up, DrobBox offers you MORE space if you get referrals to sign up. So, if you are looking to use DropBox yourself, I would be grateful if you might consider using my link below, thus giving me more space for my projects, etc. DropBox will also give you 500mb of space to get started. And if that’s not cool, then no worries. If it works for you, then please accept my thank you.

The URL: http://db.tt/r77LgkwK

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