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Adobe Creative Problem Solving Report

Adobe has just released a global study in which educators discuss creative problem solving skills that are essential for student’s successes in the workplace. Bridging the gap in skills is also discussed. Read the study here on their site – no Adobe products are necessary. It’s just a good discussion…

The URL: http://cps.adobeeducate.com/

Adobe Apps Coming to Chromebook

As announced this week, Adobe is releasing newly updated Android apps will be optimized for Google Chromebooks, and will be available in the next couple of weeks. This is significant in districts like my own, where ChromeBooks are the dominant device for student and teacher work. You can find out more at the link below.

The URL: https://blogs.adobe.com/education/2017/01/24/expand-your-students-creativity-through-adobe-apps-now-on-chromebook/

Art Heroes

artheroesAdobe Education Leader, Kevin McMahon is the creator of a new project called “Art Heroes” – a program intended to benefit creative students and teachers – and a wide range of noble causes. Essentially, Art Heroes connects digital media students who need to develop their portfolios for college and job apps with non-profit causes that cannot afford industry rates for creative work. This project is in its infancy, so if you teach creatives, they may need to return as the job-list grows. If you know groups who need work done, please pass this information on so they can submit a job.

The URL: http://www.art-heroes.org/