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Adobe Apps Coming to Chromebook

As announced this week, Adobe is releasing newly updated Android apps will be optimized for Google Chromebooks, and will be available in the next couple of weeks. This is significant in districts like my own, where ChromeBooks are the dominant device for student and teacher work. You can find out more at the link below.

The URL: https://blogs.adobe.com/education/2017/01/24/expand-your-students-creativity-through-adobe-apps-now-on-chromebook/


steamI started hearing about STEAM this fall and was delighted to realize that the ‘A’ was intentional. Science – Technology – Engineering – Arts – Math… Sounds like a good collaboration to author and scientist Adam Ruben, who explores the addition of Arts to a previously exclusive club. Thanks to Gary McFarlane for retweeting this article.

The URL: http://www.sciencemag.org/careers/2016/10/full-steam-ahead

Typewriter Simulator

OverTypeI’m doing some research for some printing lessons and came across this little distraction. OverType is possibly “the first typewriter sim on the web that faithfully recreates the manual typewriter experience, eschewing all modern computer conveniences like easy deletion and editing, and providing authentic features such as overtyping, wobbly and unevenly inked characters, and only being able to press one key at a time.”

The URL: http://uniqcode.com/typewriter/

(And while I’m on the topic of typewriters, I saw this related item on social media last week… Mr. Paul Smith creates amazing artwork with just his typewriter. View a short piece on him at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svzPm8lT36o)

National Learn to Code Day

learntocodeThis Saturday, September 24th, Ladies Learning Code is hosting its fourth annual National Learn to Code Day — the first and only event of its kind in Canada. From the site: “This year, in partnership with Shopify, we’ll build on our mission of teaching learners 21st century digital skills and encourage them to tell their story through one of the most popular digital mediums: gaming.” Learn more and register to mentor or attend at their site.

The URL: http://ladieslearningcode.com/codeday/2016/

Needs of Plants and Animals (Grade 1 and High School)

neesdsWell, I guess it’s been a while since my last post! I don’t want to say that The Teacher List is done but I do reflect on how it has served its purpose over the last many years. My options are to a) redouble my efforts to pass on useful no-cost sites for teachers, b) wrap it up and move on to other projects, or c) keep it open to share only those resources that I think are exceptional, however frequently that may happen. I’m going to take the summer to think things over and make a decision in the fall.

I do have another collaborative project to share with you before we all break for the summer! There are two classes involved. The first is a Grade One class from Pollard Meadows School in Edmonton, taught by Sean Colling. The other is a Communication Technology 10 class from W.P. Wagner High School in East Edmonton, taught by me. This project is a pairing of two completely different programs. The Grade 1’s are studying the Needs of Animals and Plants — about living things and what they need to live and grow. The high school students are studying Animation. They had just completed a course using Adobe Flash to create vector drawings and movement called tweens. Many of their lessons are steeped in learning how to be a freelance print and web designer. The Scenario: The Grade One class (the Clients) have hired the high school class (the Freelancers) to animate their drawings. The students were paired up and assigned a blog post in which they were able to have a conversation in the comment section. The Freelancers asked the Clients how they wanted their drawings to be animated. They were not allowed to change the artwork in any way; it would be like changing a client’s logo! We hope you enjoy the results below. Be sure to read the comments in each blog post to get a feel for how well the two groups communicated without meeting in person.

The URL: https://sites.google.com/a/epsb.ca/needs-of-plants-and-animals

Have a wonderful summer break and we’ll catch up in the fall!