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How to Configure Your [Smartphone] to Work for You, Not Against You

This article deals exclusively with Apple’s iPhone but the ideas are broad enough to apply to other brands. I just spent the last hour reading through this long list of tips that can be utilized to tame the effects that my iPhone has on my daily life. Some of the ideas are no-brainers and commonly known and there were a few that I had no idea about. The author, Coach Tony, works along 7 tenets of logic and bases the discussion in science rather than marketing or other emotional factors that we’re used to dealing with:
#1. Your phone is a tool, not a boss
#2. Shave seconds to break procrastination
#3. Conserve cognitive budget
#4. Messy systems beat rigid systems
#5. Habits beat tools
#6. Optimize for deep work & deep learning
#7. Yes, your phone does impact your longevity

This is worth the time to review for personal use, family and would make for some great discussions with our students as well.

The URL: https://betterhumans.coach.me/how-to-set-up-your-iphone-for-productivity-focus-and-your-own-longevity-bb27a68cc3d8

Look Up

lookupThis video poem has been making the rounds this week. It’s a poignant reflection on how mobile devices, designed for making connections, has in fact, made people more lonely and disconnected. It would make a good conversation starter in older classrooms. Heads-up: the author uses the word ‘bastard’ though, so it might not be suitable for younger ears.

The URL: http://t.co/fdpQZvldph