iFake Text Message

This one is running around social media today – probably from the ISTE crowd. Here’s a simulator for today’s popular text messaging apps. Teachers could use it for digital citizenship discussions and students could use it as a writing tool, maybe to write a script or to have difficult conversations.

The URL: https://ifaketextmessage.com/
And that’s a wrap for the year. In fact, that’s 20 years for The Teacher List! I’m not sure how we got to that number but a few of you have been with me since the start of it all – Wayne, Des, and of course, Mrs. Teacher List. Thanks to everyone for the continued support and I wish you a relaxing electronically, disconnected summer with friends and family.

Residential School Map

Here in Canada, we are working on reconciliation efforts with our First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples. It’s not an easy conversation yet everyone is doing what they can to understand and move forward. One major vein of the conversation revolves around residential schools and their effects on multiple generations of people. There is a deep history of residential schools in our country and their demise is much more recent than one might think. When I first heard that the last residential schools closed in 1996, I was surprised. That’s six full years after I started my teaching career. Here’s a CBC interactive map that will help you locate the closest school to where you grew up.

The URL: http://www.cbc.ca/news2/interactives/beyond-94-residential-school-map/

From the site: “Ultimately questions spark imagination, conjure emotions, and create more questions. The questions asked by a teacher or professor are sometimes more glaringly valuable than the information transferred to the students. Those questions spark a thought, which leads to a fiercely independent search for information.” Here’s a list of 50 ideas to use in your classroom.

The URL: https://www.teachthought.com/critical-thinking/metacognition-50-questions-help-students-think-think/

Adobe Creative Problem Solving Report

Adobe has just released a global study in which educators discuss creative problem solving skills that are essential for student’s successes in the workplace. Bridging the gap in skills is also discussed. Read the study here on their site – no Adobe products are necessary. It’s just a good discussion…

The URL: http://cps.adobeeducate.com/

Video 101 Course

I found this treasure while looking for resources to teach video production. Written by Michael Trinklein, he offers a lot of insight for teachers and students alike on the areas of editing, shooting, sound, lighting, lens and tech. He has two iBooks available (at a small cost) if you prefer that format however the site has all the same content. In addition, if you contact him via the note at the bottom of the home page, he will share further teaching resources with you.

The URL: http://video101course.com/

Classic Reload – Game and Software Preservation

There’s been a resurgence of old-style video games lately. I saw Atari emulator machines for sale last Christmas and my students are starting to look at the original video games because of general interest or they are learning how to design and code games themselves. Here’s an extensive collection of historical games that you might find useful or at least fun. Check the tabs along the top for different operating systems, gaming systems and game genres.

The URL: https://classicreload.com/commodore-64-games