5 No-Cost Online Courses to Improve Your Photography

5photocoursesI’m not sure where I heard about this but it seems to be a good time of year to brush up on some photography skills as we begin our Holiday events. Montreal photographer Andrea Clegg has put together this list of no-cost moocs that may be of use to both teachers and students alike.

The URL: http://www.lightstalking.com/5-free-online-courses-to-improve-your-photography/

Like you, I’m off for a couple of weeks of catching up with Mrs. Teacher List, friends and family. My wish for all of you is a Very Merry Christmas, a fun New Year and much rest. All the best and thanks for your continued support as we look forward to 2015.


paraMy pal, Sandra Gluth, told me about this interesting tool the other day. From the site: “Para is a prototype digital illustration tool tool that uses direct manipulation to define and edit procedural artwork. Through creating and altering vector paths, artists can define iterative distributions and parametric constraints.”

The URL: http://www.paradrawing.com/

MP3cut.net – simple audio trimming

mp3cutMy pal, Rob Petrovic, passed on this site. As you think about incorporating sound into your animation or classroom, MP3cut.net is a Web site that allows you to upload a file and trim the in and out points (start and finish) in order to take out unwanted portions of an audio file. There are several formats available – .mp3, iPhone ringtones, .wav, .aac and .amr. It’d be interesting to see how students think about how to utilize this one!

The URL: http://mp3cut.net/

Wissp: Beginning ActionScript

wisspMy pal, Angela Stolk, passed this site on the other day. I’m going to keep an eye on this new site as UK teacher and owner, Dexter Williams, add to his tutorial base. He starts with “Beginning ActionScript”, a series of lessons will “teach you the basics of ActionScript programming and show you how to start creating your own computer games or applications. Each booklet should take about 1 hour to work through and by the end you will be able to create your own Space Invaders game.” If what Mr. Williams ships in the future is as solid as this series, he’ll make very valuable contributions to CTF and CTS resources here in Alberta and around the world.

The URL: http://www.wissp.com