10 Assessments You Can Perform In 90 Seconds

90sec_assessmentsThis post made the rounds last spring and I’ve been seeing it again this week. Te@chThought outlines ten simple ideas for gathering informal, formative information on how your students are learning in any subject area. Whether you use Google forms, exit passes or verbal interaction, there is something for everyone here.

The URL: http://www.teachthought.com/teaching/10-assessments-you-can-perform-in-90-seconds/

Creepy, Crawly but Cool

creepyThis Halloween Enjoy page from 2Learn.ca is out just in time for your Halloween preparations. Learn all about bats and spiders and how they fit in our mythology, ecology and why they’re as cool as they are creepy. There are student interactives and teacher resources as well as links to other information such as conservation.

The URL: http://www.2learn.ca/enjoy/creepy/default.aspx

A Veteran Teacher Shadows 2 Students for 2 Days…

studentshadowMy brother, Mike, passed this article to me the other day and I thought it was insightful. The author, Grant Wiggins – a veteran teacher, shadowed two students for a couple of days. Mr. Wiggins’ perspective of student life changed dramatically and he shares his learned lessons in this blog post. It certainly has me thinking about what my classes look like from one of those computer desks. Be sure to read the blog comments too.

The URL: http://grantwiggins.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/a-veteran-teacher-turned-coach-shadows-2-students-for-2-days-a-sobering-lesson-learned/

The View From Here

viewfromhereI thought this was a fun site and wanted to see if TheTeacherList.ca folks might help add to it today. Padlet.com user Krissy has 16 posts so far and requests that visitors, “Please take a photo of your view. Include photos that might show current seasons, weather, or your terrain. Let’s show our students a global view. Leave your Twitter name if we can ask you questions about your view. For fun, include the current temperature, time, and state, country. Thank YOU!”

The URL: http://padlet.com/venosdale/ijxuo3xgmz8q

2Learn.ca Special Edition – Virus: About Ebola

2learnvirus2Learn.ca has put out a Special Edition that contains information about viruses and Ebola. Click through the menu in the middle of the page to learn more about what viruses are and how they affect humans; then to learn more about Ebola itself. There are also some interactive maps and other resources listed that may be of interest.

The URL: http://www.2learn.ca/specialedition/ebola/