gcfCanberra teacher, Brian Shaw, sent along this Goodwill Community Foundation project. Says Brian, “It has a huge range of resources and how to guides on MS Office products, technology, Social issues, etc.
Great videos for the students to use at home. It is free but you can sign up if you want your progress to be tracked etc.”

The URL: http://www.gcflearnfree.org/

Cartoon Facial Expressions

expressionsAnother resource that I’ve found helpful for teaching illustration comes from Cartooning Basics in the form of a no-cost classroom handout. This sheet of expressions is very simple to replicate whether a student is sketching with a pencil and paper or trying to master Illustrator’s Pen Tool.

The URL: http://www.cartooningbasics.com/downloads/CartooningBasics-ClassroomHandouts.pdf

Iris The Dragon – no-cost resources

iris2I heard from Gayle Glass from Iris The Dragon, a mental health wellness education and advocacy group the other day. She wanted to let me know that their series of illustrated books, featuring Iris, will be made available at no cost for a short time. To get your complimentary downloads among other mental health resources and supports, visit the site today.

The URL: http://www.iristhedragon.com/

Dynamic Periodic Table

ptableMy brother, Brian, shared this Dynamic Periodic Table site with me last week. There’s an arm’s length long list of reasons why this interactive periodic table is different from other ones but basically, it’s a true web application that requires no images, Flash or other gimmicks. Click around and explore the different settings. Be sure to check the “About” page for a better explanation of this tool that I’ve been able to provide here.

The URL: http://www.ptable.com