Terms of Use and Privacy

The Teacher List is a private pastime of an individual teacher. The terms under which you may use this information are very straightforward:

  1. My intentions are to share useful no-cost web resources with any interested party. I try to be reasonable and objective, however my opinions and biases may show through in my writing. I’m human and not emotionless – work with me.
  2. My employer, my profession and my professional associations have not sanctioned this project nor have they asked me to do it as part of my contribution to their own business. Therefore, my recommendations and opinions have nothing to do with my employer(s) nor with my obligations to them as their employee. They are not connected although our separate interests often align well.
  3. I try to review the resources thoroughly before recommending them. Sometimes I make a mistake and need to change my mind. I reserve the right to do this when I feel it is necessary.
  4. I’m a teacher. Like most teachers who I know, I share. That’s what we do. But I never share someone else’s idea without giving that person credit. I expect the same courtesy from you if you share my work. If you use my recommendations as a key contact, tell people about The Teacher List and encourage them to sign up.
  5. Be nice. I’m doing this at no cost to you. If you’re rude or unkind to me or others in this community, I’ll just unsubscribe you.
  6. Your contact information is sacred to me. Notice that I don’t ask for your name — I only need an email address. I will protect that address at all costs and not give, lend out, sell or even show it to anyone else. I don’t like spam so I reckon you don’t either.

And finally, if you have any other questions, then use the form to get in touch with me. You can also reply to the daily message – it’ll go right to my inbox.


One thought on “Terms of Use and Privacy


    hi Pete,
    Nice to read about your friendly approach. I am a teacher too. I teach Physics via distance learning in Australia making use of “The Teacher List”, well occasionally. Thank you.
    I want to congraulate you on your effort and endeavour to help teachers in their professional development. Best wishes always


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