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steamI started hearing about STEAM this fall and was delighted to realize that the ‘A’ was intentional. Science – Technology – Engineering – Arts – Math… Sounds like a good collaboration to author and scientist Adam Ruben, who explores the addition of Arts to a previously exclusive club. Thanks to Gary McFarlane for retweeting this article.

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wundermapWelcome back for another year of — the 18th year, that is! Let’s start off with this suggestion from List Member, Joan McNeil, who told me about WunderMap. She thought the site is pretty cool with the layers that you can select to overlay data to your map. You can access weather information, webcams and more. There’s a Trip Calculator that has some possibilities too.

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HiFi – Outrageous Acts of Science

hifiFor the last recommendation of the school year, have a look at this quick video clip that shows how sound waves make polystyrene balls appear to defy gravity. It’s a great discussion on sound waves, frequency and standing waves.

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And with that, we conclude the 17th year of The Teacher List! I want to thank everyone who has signed up, sent in recommendations and passed on the recommendations to your friends and colleagues. Have a safe and relaxing summer. We’ll catch up again after Labour Day in September.

Insect Identification

bugfinderDid you know there are more than a million different insect species in the world? When you see that crawly in your house or your picnic is invaded or you want to identify-before-you-squash, check out Students may browse by category or use the simple form to narrow down their options. The content is user-generated and donated, so it’s really just a best guess, not a scientifically sound identification – but fun nonetheless!

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Windyty’s incredible wind pattern map

windytyMy pal, Des, told me about Windyty. From the site: “Windyty is a mesmerizing, searchable, interactive map of wind patterns around the world. Not only is it beautiful to look at, it’s packed with information: You can search for a specific location, zoom in and out to see granular details, toggle along a timeline to see past and future wind patterns, and expand to see detailed weather forecasts. Prepare to settle in—you’re going to be playing with this thing for a while.”

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