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Residential School Map

Here in Canada, we are working on reconciliation efforts with our First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples. It’s not an easy conversation yet everyone is doing what they can to understand and move forward. One major vein of the conversation revolves around residential schools and their effects on multiple generations of people. There is a deep history of residential schools in our country and their demise is much more recent than one might think. When I first heard that the last residential schools closed in 1996, I was surprised. That’s six full years after I started my teaching career. Here’s a CBC interactive map that will help you locate the closest school to where you grew up.

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wundermapWelcome back for another year of — the 18th year, that is! Let’s start off with this suggestion from List Member, Joan McNeil, who told me about WunderMap. She thought the site is pretty cool with the layers that you can select to overlay data to your map. You can access weather information, webcams and more. There’s a Trip Calculator that has some possibilities too.

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Culture Unplugged

Edmonton teacher, Corey Lee, suggested this site quite some time ago and it got lost in the shuffle. is a grassroots collection of new media stories told by global citizens. From the site: “In brief, Culture Unplugged, by and for global community of conscious storytellers, culture explorers and world citizens to reflect on issues and life experiences in contemporary world – a new media studio focused on producing as well as promoting socially & spiritually sensitive stories/films that does not merely express but pulsate to energize, enchant, enlighten, engage or embrace the humanity in us all.”

Given the content of socially conscious storytelling and film, please take the time to preview any content that you plan to use in your classrooms.

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Google Maps lets you search for the Loch Ness Monster

lochnessIn March 2015, Google teams mapped out Loch Ness with StreetView along the shoreline and underwater. This article from The Verge offers some tips on looking for the Loch Ness Monster on the 100th anniversary of The Surgeon’s Photo of Nessie. (It was proven a fake photo in the 70’s…) Whether or not you find her, you may appreciate the stunning beauty of the shoreline and surrounding area south of Inverness.

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John Muir’s Birthday

johnmuirNaturalist John Muir was born 177 years ago this day. If you’ve ever enjoyed a National Park, both in the US and in Canada, you can thank the efforts of Muir. The club he co-founded, The Sierra Club, hosts a variety of information on one of the most influential figures in history whose effects last to this day.

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RAF Spitfire Interactive

spitfireTime to come up for some air! It’s been a while since I last posted, so let’s start with one that my brother, Brian, sent me last week. This interactive, created by Áero Legends, is a panoramic photograph of an RAF Spitfire cockpit. Hovering a mouse over the different elements will offer information and Brian points out that there are bonus points if you can figure out how to turn it on.

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