A Veteran Teacher Shadows 2 Students for 2 Days…

studentshadowMy brother, Mike, passed this article to me the other day and I thought it was insightful. The author, Grant Wiggins – a veteran teacher, shadowed two students for a couple of days. Mr. Wiggins’ perspective of student life changed dramatically and he shares his learned lessons in this blog post. It certainly has me thinking about what my classes look like from one of those computer desks. Be sure to read the blog comments too.

The URL: http://grantwiggins.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/a-veteran-teacher-turned-coach-shadows-2-students-for-2-days-a-sobering-lesson-learned/

The View From Here

viewfromhereI thought this was a fun site and wanted to see if TheTeacherList.ca folks might help add to it today. Padlet.com user Krissy has 16 posts so far and requests that visitors, “Please take a photo of your view. Include photos that might show current seasons, weather, or your terrain. Let’s show our students a global view. Leave your Twitter name if we can ask you questions about your view. For fun, include the current temperature, time, and state, country. Thank YOU!”

The URL: http://padlet.com/venosdale/ijxuo3xgmz8q

2Learn.ca Special Edition – Virus: About Ebola

2learnvirus2Learn.ca has put out a Special Edition that contains information about viruses and Ebola. Click through the menu in the middle of the page to learn more about what viruses are and how they affect humans; then to learn more about Ebola itself. There are also some interactive maps and other resources listed that may be of interest.

The URL: http://www.2learn.ca/specialedition/ebola/

Color Theory Quick Reference Poster

colortheoryPaper-Leaf.com author, Jeff Archibald made and offers up “all of the basics of color theory contained in one place – specifically, a cool infographic-esque poster.” Whether teaching Color Theory in elementary art classrooms or digital color theory in secondary classrooms, this poster is available in multiple formats for download, sharing and printing. (I didn’t realize until I researched this site that they’re from my hometown of Edmonton!)

The URL: http://paper-leaf.com/blog/2010/01/color-theory-quick-reference-poster/

Sample IPP Support Templates

ippAlberta Education has provided information and forms in the Inclusive Education Library that can support an inclusive approach to instructional planning. The Library has sample forms for gathering information about students’ strengths, interests, and learner preferences. It also contains information and forms that teachers can use at the beginning of the school year to help identify what level of support individual students might require relative to Language Arts and Mathematics. In addition, the Library includes information on supporting social participation, developing behaviour support plans, implications of medical conditions and disabilities, and transition planning. There are three templates, all downloadable as PDF documents, each of which target different needs. If you are not an Alberta-based teacher, they may still be of use/interest. And please know that this is not a prescribed resource from Alberta Education – they are offered in the spirit of support, not obligation.

The URL: http://www.learnalberta.ca/content/ieptLibrary/lib07.html

50 Questions To Help Students Think About What They Think

50thinkingquestions“Ultimately questions spark imagination, conjure emotions, and create more questions. The questions asked by a teacher or professor are sometimes more glaringly valuable than the information transferred to the students. Those questions spark a thought, which leads to a fiercely independent search for information.” Here’s a lengthy list of questions that will promote metacognition in students. My first thought was to add some of these to my list of “Exit Pass” questions.

The URL: http://www.teachthought.com/learning/metacognition-50-questions-help-students-think-think/?utm_content=buffer2f246&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin.com&utm_campaign=buffer

P.S. — Google must be reading our minds. After I suggested yesterday that the 30gb limit is sometimes limiting, some Teacher List readers pointed out that just this week, Google announced plans to remove the limits and fees for upgrade to all Google Apps for Education accounts. That change is taking place in the near future. Thanks to those who pointed it out!