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Adobe Creative Problem Solving Report

Adobe has just released a global study in which educators discuss creative problem solving skills that are essential for student’s successes in the workplace. Bridging the gap in skills is also discussed. Read the study here on their site – no Adobe products are necessary. It’s just a good discussion…

The URL: http://cps.adobeeducate.com/

Adobe Apps Coming to Chromebook

As announced this week, Adobe is releasing newly updated Android apps will be optimized for Google Chromebooks, and will be available in the next couple of weeks. This is significant in districts like my own, where ChromeBooks are the dominant device for student and teacher work. You can find out more at the link below.

The URL: https://blogs.adobe.com/education/2017/01/24/expand-your-students-creativity-through-adobe-apps-now-on-chromebook/

PhotoshopCAFE takes a look at Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud

ccColin Smith has released a great summary of the features included this week with Adobe’s latest CC release of Photoshop. He has included a video and a good range of things to know about the updates. While he focuses on Photoshop, there’s a good summary of what a Creative Cloud membership includes and a discussion about how to make the (personal, not school) decision to go with that or stick with CS6. In addition to this, Colin has several good tutorials that are of use to students and teachers.

The URL: http://www.photoshopcafe.com/cc/

Adobe Print Design Guide

companyfoldersA while back, I featured an article from Printwand created for CompanyFolders, about Adobe Illustrator v. Photoshop v. InDesign. CEO, Vladimir Gendelman from Printwand shared an updated angle on this resource that takes a more ind-depth look at Adobe Creative Suite from a print design perspective. It examines strengths and weaknesses of each program and provides some scenario discussion about when to consider using one program over another.

The URL: http://www.companyfolders.com/blog/adobe-illustrator-vs-photoshop-vs-indesign-print-design-guide