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Winter Traditions Collaboration (Grade 1 and High School)

Winter_TraditionsToday, my new friend, Brenda Cleland and I wrapped up a collaborative project that my ComTech 10 class and her Grade One class did together. The Grade One class (the Clients) have hired the high school class (the Freelancers) to animate their drawings. The students were paired up and assigned a blog post in which they were able to have a conversation in the comment section. The Freelancers asked the Clients how they wanted their drawings to be animated. They were not allowed to change the artwork in any way; it would be like changing a client’s logo! We hope you enjoy the results below. Be sure to read the comments in each blog post to get a feel for how well the two groups communicated without meeting in person.

The URL: https://sites.google.com/a/epsb.ca/winter-traditions/home

And on that note, Mrs. Teacher List and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the coming year! Rest well and we’ll connect again in January.
– Pete

Lino – sticky note collaboration

linoI stumbled on this the other day – it’s a collaborative tool that allows users to create ‘sticky notes’ on a board. There are other similar tools that allow users to work together from a web browser but I liked this one because it allows users to include images and video clips. You can also style the text and receive email notifications when someone edits your board.

The URL: http://en.linoit.com