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Culture Unplugged

Edmonton teacher, Corey Lee, suggested this site quite some time ago and it got lost in the shuffle. CultureUnplugged.com is a grassroots collection of new media stories told by global citizens. From the site: “In brief, Culture Unplugged, by and for global community of conscious storytellers, culture explorers and world citizens to reflect on issues and life experiences in contemporary world – a new media studio focused on producing as well as promoting socially & spiritually sensitive stories/films that does not merely express but pulsate to energize, enchant, enlighten, engage or embrace the humanity in us all.”

Given the content of socially conscious storytelling and film, please take the time to preview any content that you plan to use in your classrooms.

The URL: http://www.cultureunplugged.com/

How to Erase Yourself from the Internet

eraseThis one comes from my pal, Des King. From the site: “If your growing weariness of being constantly tethered to the internet has become overwhelming, it might be time to scrub yourself from the social media sphere altogether. Here’s how you can become a ghost on the Internet, by tracking down and eliminating your digital past.”

The URL: http://gizmodo.com/how-to-erase-yourself-from-the-internet-1456270634

And with that, I wrap up year #16 of TheTeacherList.ca! Thanks for coming along on the ride – I’ll start up again after Labour Day. I’ve reached another closure as well – my time on secondment with 2Learn.ca has come to an end. I’m returning to my district to a CTS department head role and will be teaching in my old favorite area – CommTech and Design Studies. I had a great time and learned a lot with 2Learn.ca and look forward now to putting into play all the fantastic tools and practices I’ve been working with. Have a great summer and we’ll chat again in a couple of months!